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Digitalisation & Predictive Maintenance a Tool to Growth in Vapteh


VAPTEH is a century-old Bulgarian industrial manufacturer with expertise in mechanical engineering. VAPTEH specializes in building end-to-end technological solutions for the operational needs of modern businesses. The company has a strong involvement in the sphere of mechanical engineering, as well as in the production of hydropower plants and environmentally friendly innovations.

Digitalisation & Predictive Maintenance a Tool to Growth in Vapteh


VAPTEH, Bulgaria places digitalisation at center stage using IoT 

Digitalisation and advanced predictive analytics helps Vapteh to grow and to reduce maintenance costs for its customers Employing IoT infrastructure and state-of-the art Artificial Intelligence methods, Vapheh - Bulgaria places innovation at center stage.

The company’s hydropower plants have had a long-standing presence in a variety of locations.

With a worldwide footprint spanning the Balkans, Eastern, Central and Northern Europe, as well as South America, VAPTEH's solutions and services follow the latest developments on the technological scene.

As VAPTEH’s plans to enrich its scope of operation to include Australia, Asia and South America, the company puts a particular focus on developing and integrating innovative approaches to mechanical maintenance services.

Hence, after a few years of work, VAPTEH’s engineering team has come up with an IoT-based (“Internet of Things”) solution system for end-to-end maintenance of hydroelectric power plants.

This innovative process involves monitoring of hydro and electromechanical equipment through predictive technical maintenance.

Forecasting data are gathered through a unique patented sensor, mounted directly on the equipment. The sensor then carefully monitors a multitude of key physical variables and thus analyzes and reduces potential wear and tear problems in crucial parts of the power plant.
Yet, the intricate mechanism includes the adoption of advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms that don’t simply track the physical variables, but also have significant predictive power. They track the direction and the pace of change in the dynamic relationship between those variables.


VAPTEH, Bulgaria explores the innovation of using a predictive maintenance system

As a result, VAPTEH’s end consumer acquires not only a reliable cutting-edge product: the consumer receives an end-to-end solution with a comparably higher efficiency, predictability and profitability, and thus higher return of investment.  

Naturally, predictive maintenance results in lower maintenance and operation costs for the equipment manufacturer in the long run. Moreover, due to VAPTEH’s system, costly repairs could be planned during periods of lower drainage. This leads to reduced output losses from maintenance shutdowns for the direct customer and a reduced environmental impact. The system also promises to bring about a safer work environment, as it allows for the forecasting and elimination of possible accidents.

VAPTEH’s system is designed to constantly gather large amounts of information regarding how the power plants operate and analyse that data modem Data Science methods and gather actionable insight. Hence, the system allows for continuous optimization of the production processes; optimization that also includes the machine components utilized by the company’s subcontractors.

Hence, in conjunction with VAPTEH’s engineering team, Cibola’s consulting team managed to build databases and predictive analytics models, which are to be streamlined to information processing centers with a focus on different scientific spheres: material science, climatology, mechanical engineering, hydro engineering and mechanics.

Digitalisation in Vapteh Bulgaria is the one of successful innovations in industrial manufacturers in CEE - Central and Eastern Europe 

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